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Do you lack a device to access your virtual online recreation program? The Recreation Council Tablet Initiative may be able to help. 

The project is now open to ALL AGES beginning JULY 1, 2020.
The tablet initiative is now being funded as an option through our CARE voucher funding program. Eligible applicants of all ages can choose to request CARE voucher funds to purchase a refurbished Samsung tablet with an optional data plan.

Qualified individuals must have an intellectual/developmental disability as defined by SB-40 board services and must reside in St. Louis City, St. Louis County or St. Charles County.  Applicants who qualify must lack the needed technology to access their virtual recreation/social programs, indicate financial need, and have a desire to engage in virtual recreational programming and socialization opportunities during these trying times. Informational Flyer 

This project is possible through the Recreation Council’s funding partners, the Saint Louis Office for DD Resources, the Productive Living Board of St. Louis County, and the DDRB of St. Charles County.  We are very grateful to these funding partners in responding to this identified need. Applicants must be eligible for SB-40 board services. Cost to apply is $30.

Here is a link to our VIRTUAL RECREATION PAGE so you can see all the amazing programs that recreation providers are holding.  Join one today!

Alternate Funding Sources for those who do not qualify for our voucher program: 

  • ARYA Foundation – adaptive equipment requests – LINK
  • Adam Morgan Foundation – ipad initiative – LINK
  • Maggie Welby Foundation – equipment and school-based needs – LINK
  • Cuivre River Foundation – LINK


ZOOM Step-by-Step Guide – How to use ZOOM to attend virtual events: You Tube Video or  printable instructions



Socializing online is new to everyone, so it’s important to know how to behave during virtual meetings, social gatherings, recreation programs, or group activities.  Print out this 2 page handy guide developed by LifeBridge Partnership and Pathways to Independence: Click Here for your Guide to attending virtual meetings  or  Learn to Use ZOOM – printable instructions

Online Etiquette



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