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Learning Centers are cropping up all over St. Louis and Charles County. Virtual learning may be the best option for some schools this fall semester of school, making the social and recreation needs of youth with disabilities even more important.  Several Recreation providers in the St. Charles area are running learning centers that include a recreation component for part of the day.  These are inclusive community providers, so if your child has high support needs, contact the Recreation Council to discuss options. These programs are eligible for Community voucher funding through our CARE funds. 

NEW FUNDING – Learn and Leisure Funding for St. Louis City and St. Louis County residents with developmental disabilities.  If you live in STL, you can apply for Recreation Council Extended Day Funding to hire a person to assist your child ages 5-21 with virtual learning and learning center costs.  Click HERE for more information

Learn and Leisure Funding Applications

Learning Centers and Other Resources

Check out these providers if your child is enrolled in virtual learning but still needs a place to have fun with peers and friends: 

NinjasUltimate Ninjas, The Learning Space Program: “Ninja School” provides support for children who aren’t going back to traditional school this Fall. It’s a safe place for your child to do their online school work with adult supervision by our management team. We take “brain breaks” to relieve stress and keeps kids active throughout the day and provide socialization with other kids in a small group setting. www.ultimateninjas.com

STL LibrarySt. Louis County Library Online Tutoring Service (St. Louis County only) – The STL County Library is connecting students in grades K-12 with live tutors in a safe and secure online classroom. Students can access academic tutoring, homework help and test prep assistance. Resources are also available for early college students, adult learners and job seekers. Anyone with a valid St. Louis County Library card can use this service: www.slcl.org/tutor

Imogene Learning Pods: This new service coordinates in-home schooling pods that pool a small number of children together to supplement virtual learning. Families volunteer to become a home pod site and Imogene connects each pod with educators willing to work in-person with that group of students ~ www.imogene.life

Stacey's GymStacey’s Gymnastics, (Wentzville, MO) – now through October 2, Cost is $45 per day or $185 per week for ages 5-12. Coaches at Stacey’s Gymnastics will be running a fun filled day of gymnastics, games, and time to do virtual learning with coaches to supervise and assist as needed. Sign up for as many or as few days a week as you would like.  (Wentzville) – Information

Rock’N Jump (O’Fallon, MO) – now through October, Cost is $115-$199 for grades K-5. Rockin’ Study Hall is the ultimate combination of Study Hall and Recess! We’re transforming our Party Rooms into socially-distanced Learning Pods where your kids can complete their eLearning during Study Hours plus providing fun and active play in our state of the art facilities during Recess Hours.  Information

The JThe JCC, “Club-J-All-Day” (St. Louis & Chesterfield) – Learning Center at Creve Coeur and Chesterfield JCCA locations from 7:30am-6pm daily for grades K-5.  Cost is $61-$225 depending on the option you select. St. Louis County Students are doing their school work virtually, then doing traditional camp activities during the breaks. Contact Shamecak Nichols for more information – 314-432-5700 ~ www.jccstl.com 

Brentwood Study Buddies: (St. Louis, MO) – The Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department is offering a new program called . This program is a learning lab for kids grades K-5 and provides students with a safe place to conduct school work along with enjoying fun activities throughout the day with adult supervision. www.brentwoodmo.org

YMCA, Greater St. Louis
: With all of the uncertainty around how school will happen, two things are for sure — children need to learn and parents need to work. Our YMCA Enrichment Program (YEP), at many Ys and other area locations, allows ages 5-12 to attend remote school support supervised by trained Y staff, so parents can have peace of mind while at work. Cost is $200-$250 per week. Contact Laura for information laurie.mctearman@gwrymca.org ~   www.gwrymca.org/yep (St. Louis City, County, and St. Charles County)

Vetta Sports Learning Center and Sports Camp, (St. Peters)
Planned opening for September– Information


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